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We will find the right job for you

In 2017, the Dr. Sauder Ltd. was founded by executives coming from the German social economy sector. The incentive behind it was an in-depth and longstanding project experience with successful hiring of professionals from Italy.


Together with our local partners, we conduct German courses for specialists. You apply to us and we arrange the necessary language courses for you.


ou apply to us with completed vocational training. We invite you to our information events on site. Then we plan the further course in a personal conversation with you. You are attending a language course up to the specified level. While you continue to improve your language skills, we are looking for a good company for you. Upon successful completion of the language school, we will mediate you to your future job and help you integrate at the new location.


After successful language qualification, we will place you in a renowned company in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. We help you to arrive safely here and support you both during the induction phase and later if you have any questions or problems.


As a citizen of the European Union (also called an EU citizen) you have unlimited access to the labor market. You and your family members do not need a visa or residence permit for entry or employment in Germany (Section 2 FreizügG / EU).

Germany is the largest and fastest growing economy in Europe. Due to declining birth rates since the 1960s and an ever increasing number of jobs, the number of vacancies is increasing every year.

You can expect a good salary with low living costs. Statutory health insurance, state pension and private benefits are a matter of course. The whole thing with moderate taxes and social security contributions as well as various support measures for families. Decide for a secure job with a fixed wage agreement!

Basic knowledge of the German language is a prerequisite for successful work in many professions. We help you with the language qualification and advise you. Write to us!

e would be happy to arrange an internship with the potential companies to get to know each other. Ask us about it!

If the placement is successful, there are no costs for you.

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